Concert on 2nd August 2015

Nigel Ogden (BBC: The Organist Entertains)

Coronation March: Meyerbeer
Waltzing With… : Waldteufel
Two From The Same Year: Rodgers & Hammerstein
MBEs For These Two: arr. Ogden
Remembering The Ritz: Luigini
On The Record: Various


A Classic By… : Coates
And Another, Possibly By… : Henry VIII
Sounds Of Summer: arr. Ogden
The Best Of Jerome… : Kern
Klassikal Kaleidoskope: arr. Ogden
Memories Of Song: arr. Ogden

Nigel Ogden
Nigel Ogden

Nigel Ogden makes a welcome return to the Albert Hall for this year’s Popular Recital. Familiar for many years as the compère of “The Organist Entertains”, Nigel is renowned as performer, composer and arranger. Beginning with a transcription of the sort in which the Binns organ excels, we go further into the orchestral world with the “other” waltz king, Emil Waldteufel. Luigini takes us to a world of hilarity and riot once associated with Richard Murdoch and Arthur Askey, while anything by Coates is a welcome homage to Hucknall’s favourite son.

Great American composers are welcomed, and an unlikely visitor to this company is Henry VIII, no less, who at the time of writing (January 2015) is enjoying continued popularity through his part in “Wolf Hall”.