Great organ Solo organ
Double open diapason 16′ Flauto traverso 4′
Large open diapason 8′ Harmonic flute 8′
Medium open diapason 8′ Lieblich gedact 8′
Small open diapason 8′ Bassoon 8′
Claribel flute 8′ Piccolo 2′
Stop diapason 8′ Orchestral oboe 8′
Wald flute 4′ Clarionet 8′
Octave 4′ Tuba 8′
Dulciana twelfth 2 2/3′ Carillon (fiddle G up)
Fifteenth 2′
Mixture IV Pedal organ
Trombone 16′ Double open diapason 32′
Tromba 8′ Open diapason 16′
Clarion 4′ Contra bass 16′
Dulciana 16′
Swell organ Bourdon 16′
Contra gamba 16′ Violoncello 8′
Quintaton 16′ Dolce 8′
Open diapason 8′ Bass flute 8′
Lieblich gedact 8′ Octave diapason 8′
Vox angelica 8′ Trombone 16′
Viol d’orchestre 8′ Euphonium 8′
Dolce 8′
Octave 4′ Couplers
Fifteenth 2′ Solo to Great
Mixture III Solo to Swell
Double trumpet 16′ Swell to Great
Cornopean 8′ Swell to Choir
Oboe 8′ Choir to Great
Clarion 4′ Swell sub octave
Swell octave
Choir organ Sw to Gt sub octave
Lieblich gedact 16′ Sw to Gt octave
Lieblich gedact 8′ Solo octave
Hohl flute 8′ Solo sub octave
Dulciana 8′ Solo to Gt sub octave
Viol di gamba 8′ Solo to Gt octave
Harmonic flute 4′ Solo to Choir
Gemshorn 4′ Solo to Pedal
Flautina 2′ Swell to Pedal
Bassoon 16′ Great to Pedal
Vox humana 8′ Choir to Pedal
Viole celeste 8′ Swell tremulant
Choir tremulant
Solo tremulant

stops-l2Binns’ patent tubular-pneumatic action applied throughout.

The Solo Tuba is on 10″ wind.
Great 2, 8, 12, 13 & 14 and Swell 3, 11 & 12 are on heavy wind (6″).
The Solo Tuba, Great reeds 12, 13 & 14 and Swell reeds 11 & 12 have harmonic trebles.
The Swell, Choir and Solo organs are enclosed, except the Solo Tuba.

Four Binns’ patent interchangeable combination pistons to Great and Pedal organs and one fixed piston giving full Great and Pedal organs.
Four Binns’ patent interchangeable combination pistons to Swell organ and one fixed piston giving full Swell organ.
Four Binns’ patent interchangeable combination pistons to Solo organ.
Four Binns’ patent interchangeable combination pistons to Choir organ.
Ten combination pedals, duplicating the pistons to Great/Pedal and Swell organs.
Reversible pedal, controlling Great to Pedal coupler.
Balanced expression pedals to Swell, Solo and Choir organs.

History of alterations

1909 – J J Binns, Leeds

Almost identical to the organ in Rochdale Town Hall. Given by Jesse Boot, specification drawn up by C. W. Perkins (then organist of Birmingham Town Hall) and Revd Dr F Luke Wiseman (a Methodist minister and organist) in combination. Organ opened by Edwin Lemare on Saturday 29th October 1910.

1926 – Brindley & Co., Sheffield

Minor tonal alterations. The present Swell Vox Angelica was originally a Salicional, and the Clarion an Octave Oboe. The Viole Celeste on the Choir was originally a Cor Anglais, and the Solo Bassoon a Violoncello. The present Carillon was originally a set of reveille bells, and the Choir Gedact was duplexed as a quiet Pedal Dolce stop.

1973 – Henry Willis & Co., Liverpool

Cleaning and minor repairs.

1992/93 – Harrison & Harrison, Durham

Restored. The instrument remains in their care.

pedalboardInformation from the National Pipe Organ Register. The Albert Hall Binns Organ is ref. N01509.