May 2021 news

After the unavoidable loss of the 2020 season, the Binns Organ Recitals are returning cautiously in the second half of 2021.

Because of operational complications, our usual pattern of recitals has had to change for this year. We are promoting four recitals, of which three will be on SATURDAYS, the final Anniversary Recital reverting to its customary position on a Sunday in late October.

For details see the Events 2021 page.

July 2020 news

In line with virtually all other cultural activities scheduled for this summer,  each of our proposed recitals on the Binns organ is now put back to 2021, when we shall hope – all being well – to present as full a season as possible, hopefully with the same artists.

Sadly during 2020 we have mourned the loss of two great organists, Jennifer Bate and Jane Parker-Smith.   Jane performed at the Albert Hall in 1996, was also seen in this area at Derby Cathedral and Southwell Minster, and enjoyed a spectacular  world-wide career.

As did Jennifer, whom I last met at our former trustee Robert Pascall’s funeral in the summer of 2018.   She played at the Albert Hall three times, the first two for promotions by Stephen Sherwin.   In 1975, the first recital given on that organ for many years, she gave an astonishing programme which included Norman Cocker’s Tuba Tune, Gigues de Pan by Douglas Mews, Liszt’s Ad Nos and Elgar’s Sonata in G major.  Then for an encore she did the fastest performance I have heard of Pietro Yon’s Toccatina for the Flutes.

She was back in 1982, when she gave the first performance of one of Peter Dickinson’s organ works (she recorded all his organ music, including his organ concerto).   Then in 1994 she gave the very first of our Sunday afternoon recitals on the Binns organ, a series that continued without a break until last October.

Two wonderful players, who greatly enhanced the world of organ music.

Ian Wells